Sirius the Dog God: Exposing Evil & Finding Heaven in Altair. PART ONE

The Child Eater of Bern, Switzerland 1546

This is going to be epic!


I think the most painful thing in the world is to witness humanity and especially ourselves and our loved ones, stuck, in the false illusion of the world that is sold to us through royalty, religion, secret societies, corporations and government institutions. I have watched powerful loved ones being circled like prey by liars, false prophets, corrupt families and debauched institutions, who will all say and do anything to keep that person close where they can be controlled, even under the guise of doing God’s holy work, so that they do not break free and thrive independently of them. This person is their Midas, their Saviour, their modern day cash cow and their biggest threat. He cannot be allowed to break free of his shackles — least they all end up dead in his wake when he finally does wake up. I hope he wipes them all out once and for all. The world will be a much better place for it. I’m on his side and this is why.

What most people don’t realize is that our elite, royal families and those with powerful blood lineages in positions of power, have kept some significant ancient knowledge of humanities divine birthright and the actual story of our creation, hidden from us and especially the why we were created in the first place, which provides the context for this article. There are devious and calculated reasons for obscuring the truth from the masses. Not everyone is considered worthy of having this knowledge and power and the wealth it generates. Once exposed, not everyone will want it either. Some of us prefer to have nothing to do with the heinous system of things in the world and for damn good reason. They know that if we knew what they did, we wouldn’t want a bar of it either and that threatens their agenda for ultimate power and control. When we no longer need them, we are truly free and they no longer have slaves to do their dirty work lining their pockets. We can create our own destiny. Trying to achieve this and escape the matrix, is like playing the game of metaphorical snakes and ladders.

Everything in our world from the day we are born, has been designed to indoctrinate you into a system that only serves the royal elite blood families in every continent of the world. I am leaving nothing and no one out. This includes our governments and religious institutions — arguably the most powerful platforms in the world, designed to control the masses and perpetuate the illusions of freedom and salvation but also our giant corporations and media mogul’s. It is true that our beloved world is owned by certain families and exploited for all it is worth. We are mined of our energy and sucked dry by vampires in clan colours, all in the name of God.

What if I told you that the hidden ancient knowledge we need to see and understand in order to evolve as humans, is actually right there in front of us and on display in full sight all over the world? It is. To the sleepers of the world, this knowledge will appear ludicrous, a conspiracy, crazy and the powers that be will fuel this narrative but for those of us who seek enlightenment, the evidence is there if you choose to search for it. It requires nerves of steel and a belief that we can forge our own pathways to freedom, spiritual enlightenment and ultimately our own salvation, without complying to mainstream coercion, delusion and mass hysteria.

The world we live in, will have you believe that we are free to choose, that we all have free-will but I beg to differ. We are only free to choose based on options that are permitted by the laws of the land and sea and by religious dogma’s as outlined within confusing and misleading religious texts such as in the Bible, Quran, Torah, Dhama and the Veda. What’s worse, is that they will all have us perpetuate their negative agenda’s for them, and unwittingly be the makers of our own demise. The truth is, we can be a lot freer and become more enlightened but it means stepping off the grid and away from the matrix and finding our way back to nature and community. By doing so, we can raise humanities collective consciousness by following the principles of unconditional love, empathy, compassion and faith.

What we are witnessing today, is story in the making. An en masse spiritual awakening is occurring across the Earth where people are now questioning the establishment and all of it’s ruses, looking for explanations and answers, looking deeper within themselves and searching for a more meaningful purpose to our otherwise stressed, oppressed, subjugated, exhausted, traumatised, ill, fragmented and painful lives, outside of mainstream’s agenda. The establishment knew this would happen eventually and why we are seeing the Great Reset of the new millennium in the Age of Aquarius start with a mass depopulation cull. A manmade, genocidal germ warfare distraction designed to be the catalyst to bring in and entrench a New World Order.

Our religious and government institutions are involved in a heinous cover-up and have been using various platforms to maintain an established, elaborate form of control that is designed to serve only their agenda. One of World Domination. They have hidden pertinent information about who they are, deliberately and they laugh at us by parading symbolic, often heinous truths in public, right under our noses. These people have no love in their hearts for humanity. They are the evil in the world that they want us to denounce and also the ones that we mistakenly worship today. Once you understand this deception, you can not go back to fumbling your way through life, blind. It is impossible. What it does do however, is force you to choose a side and your soul and the after-life depends upon it.

They are about to take away even more of our freedoms and rights, by dropping the petro-dollar in favour of digital currency, making new laws to aid and abet the roll out the digital age under the guise of bringing humanity into a more modern era. Yes, an era of complete control is about to be rolled out by the most powerful people and organisations in the world. Once this happens, we will be trapped forever within the matrix and forever at their mercy (and literally the flick of a digital switch) if we fail to conform — and we will cease to exist anywhere within their system when we do. Good luck surviving that, unless you are aware and prepared for what is about to come and get off the grid as quickly as possible. This should be your number one priority. We need to be prepared for what is most certainly coming our way. We are at war but this Third World War is actually a spiritual one disguised within the digital era.

Their power is frightening. Make no mistake, and they are legion who will chew you up and spit you out without a care in the world and convince you that you are to blame for your own ignorance and downfall. They will try to convince you that you are worthless, undeserving, wretched and everything undesirable but they are wrong. They are pure evil and they want you to stay ignorant of this information. For most of the world population, this is an inconceivable claim I am making and it will create a huge cognitive dissonance to the majority of you who go about your daily lives none the wiser. Ignorance is most definitely bliss but I am not alone in working some of these things out for myself.

They do not want us to know about the role we play in their game of life, their game of snakes and ladders, their quest for immortality, their lust for children, their hunger for the flesh. This would mean the end of their power but it could also mean the start of a spiritual revolution, if you could only open your eyes. Make no mistake about it, we are at war. The time of Revelation and the End of Days are indeed upon us. We are the chosen ones who have been incarnated on this world, in this lifetime, in these vessels in order to shine a light on the wickedness of this world and raise our collective spiritual consciousness. In the following chapters, I will be discussing some of our ancient texts, creation theories, myths, the Anunnaki, Sirius the Dog/God star, the Ophiuchus, the snake and also sex trafficking, paedophilia, cannibalism, spirit cooking, adrenochrome harvesting, blood magic and murder. The evidence of it is everywhere in our societies, once you know what you’re looking at. Once you see, it will be impossible for you to unsee but you will have enough new information to be able to make new informed decisions and take the power back.

© Copyright 2023, Jodine Derena Butler. ‘Poetry Out West’, All Rights Reserved

The Secret Covenant



Who says there is a God?
wishful thinking created by man
to control the masses; no
Mothers in sight – save Mary
but look
look what happened to her our Lady!
Mary Magdalene
will rise again
she will be known by all her names
fire, earth, sea and sky; Ishtar

we shelter in the rivers and forests
gathering all the sticks and stones

Mary emerald as the forest green
will ride with Rhiannon
her shoes of moss and lichen
her cloak of rainbow silk: transformed
eye’s like Innana shedding tears
as sisters mourn and do
& all that is dark and been before,
will shadow us no more

she has awakened in terrible wrath and has unleashed a whore

Kali destroys and  makes anew
Pele knows which heart is true
Abundantia  makes it very clear
there are no more second chances here

Gaia,  Papatuanuku and Ostara, forging ahead new life
Innana, Dana and Isis surrounding them with light
Athena and Mother Mary have much to undo and teach
Aphrodite, Ostara, Nemetona and Ixchel
Mothers of divine healing heart

all these Mothers will guide us through without the slightest flinch

she is all Mother and we recognise her full
we run with open arms, no fear
she restores our wayward souls with care
she cradles our broken hearts to weep
peace will be reborn again
where war has gone before with man
our raging rivers will forge and cut
ravage and avenge; our rivers
will shed tears of pain
new paths lest we forget

calling all our wonderous women
our voices banshee wail
we will hear them in our hearts full throb
and never fear again
here comes Persephone from the dark
the first to see the light,
Demeter fills an earthen jug that overflows with tears
she gently wipes her daughters feet to cleanse away her fears
and without Mothers no seed will grow
and so they must obey

but men are men, God or not
and evil still prevails
our Mothers cast all seeing eyes
and none shall let them pass
Zeus may watch with Ranginui
for both have known this day
Hades left enraged behind
his plans for her subdued
for she is with the Mothers now
a war he cannot  rule

Persephone is free at last
Who says there is a God?
for Goddess rule this world or ours
Papatuanuku birthing fruit
my Maiden showing me the truth, wary as she treads
my Mother prays the safest journey our Mothers forged ahead
my oldest Crone will rest her bones on her dying day
and sisters will be reborn again and again
woven waxed and waned

© Copyright 2010.  Jodine Derena Butler.  All Rights Reserved