Fiendish Ghouls (for Androgoth)

As darkness falls and ghouls doth prowl
and hells black gate upon thee growls
its creaking moan bewitched with fright
opens wide into the night

fiendish ghouls who scour the dirge
of mortal blood and soulless ones
beseeching those in grave despair
to haunt and snatch their bleeding fear

and blood lies pooled in mortal sin
breathing foul amidst the din
the ghouls they come with fiery eyes
and laughter as they ride the skies

drawing near to slake their thirst
their evil reign desiring curse
in their thousands they doth come
circling prey and guileless ones

suckling on our bleeding hearts
their lust for blood and pain and such
they shriek and soar and dip and dive
in and out our mortal lives

tearing at our wounded scars
paralysing us with farce
they eat until they can no more
our souls left withered at deaths door

© Copyright 2009 Jodine Derena Butler. All Rights Reserved