Published Poetry

To date, my poems have been formally published in:

Tracks Magazine For Illicit Drug Users Volume 9: All You Need to Know about Sex, 2012

* Two-tailed Tawse

Sex Worker Quilt Project, 2012

* Lady of the Night, Excerpt on quilt, exhibited at the Melbourne Festival of Sex Workers)

youTube ,2012

* Rakiura/Stewart Island (for Squizzy), 2012,

Exerpt in spoken word from an unknown random guy…

Live Lines Anthology, Available at the Women’s Bookshop

* Sycophantic Juggernaut, 2011
* I Found My Heart , 2011

‘Ethosphere’, ReTHiNK the Meaning of Madness, and the Respond-Response Community Art Project

* Dysthymia, 2010. (Excerpt reprinted on t-shirt, exhibited at Te Karenga Gallery)

Blackmail Press, Doug Poole

* Rakiura/Stewart Island (for Squizzy), 2010.
* I Am Sylvia, 2010.

Side Stream, Bi-Monthly Zine, ‘Poetry From The Fringe’

* I Met A Girl, 2009
* Dogs at my Door, 2007
* The Maiden, 2007

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