This Is How It’s Done

Artist Unknown

It costs nothing to show me you care; 

holding my hand

makes me feel like I belong with you

stroking my face

makes me feel cherished

look into my eyes 

and I feel seen, really seen by you

hug me

and I feel loved

when you smile

I feel warmed by you

when you praise me

it makes me want to do even better

when you run your fingers through my hair

I want to bury my face in your chest

when you tell me you love me

I feel like I’m yours

when you say and do all of the above

you show me how much you really care.

Now that isn’t so hard

is it?

© Copyright 2017, Jodine Derena Butler & Poetry Out West. All Rights Reserved


7 thoughts on “This Is How It’s Done

  1. Love should be about empathy above all 😉 I like the way you highlight that in your poem… beautifully penned!… Happy weekend. Sending all my best wishes 😀

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  2. Ha! That’s true. I meant “we” as a generalization, but that’s accurate….and not just for men. I was treated that way by a woman I adored. So it swings both ways. Like I said the other day, we all have limits. Can only be treated like crap for so long. I finally had to cut bait. Best choice I could’ve made. 😃

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