I Can’t Wait

I can’t wait

to get you
where I want
you to be:
on your back
with your hands
tied & your
legs spread
so I can look
at you with
& you can’t
do a damn thing
about it

I will take
what is mine

& have my way
& fuck you
till I am
& you are
left wondering
what day
of the week it is
& whether or not
the wet patch
is on your side
of the bed
or mine

© Copyright 2010 Jodine Derena Butler.  All Rights Reserved

8 thoughts on “I Can’t Wait

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    • Lol. Nice to see that your gonads are fully functioning! Yes, it is a bit frisky. Is in response to a themed writing project I am involved with called The 52/250 Challenge. Each week there is a new theme, and we have to write about it. This weeks is “I Can’t Wait!”…so… that’s what immediately sprung to mind (grin). Jx


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