Garish Green Skirt

imprinted eyes

in the back of my legs,

ankle to thigh


like staples in a seam


a permanent stocking

a cheap whore in a supermarket


a doorway leads to a red dress

hanging polka dots

too small, so I

s t r e t c h

into chaos

beautiful & ugly


a garish green skirt

frumps from my fruit


bare breasts too full

walk into a dream –

she sits in front of the mirror

blank _________


I sneak a glance

at my reflection;

I am topless, fat & ugly


where am I?

where is my baby?

© Copyright 2010 Jodine Derena Butler.  All Rights Reserved

9 thoughts on “Garish Green Skirt

  1. does give a sense of sadness…I guess we all view these things our own way. Hard to deal with the realization of getting older and life changing…


    • I am going up North tomorrow to see both my babies AND my grandson! All us girls are going out to see me read poetry and have some dinner. I am looking forward to it. It is a new role for me. Not a parent, not a friend, but their MOTHER. I like it. I need to develop it. Jx


  2. Very sad, Jodie. But powerful.
    There’s a ‘she’ that suddenly appears in the poem, and the rest is ‘I’ – is that deliberate? It threw me a bit.


  3. I find this a sad poem … full of something missing, past lives and times … that captures some of the feeling of being lost now. They’re feelings I’d like to hide from …. I particularly appreciate the contradictions evoked …


  4. Some say that dreams are your subconscious working through the issues we push to the back burner in our busy lives. If this is true my subconscious needs serious help because on the rare occasions when I do dream, or at least remember what I dream, they are crazy and fragmented.


  5. wow! you let us in to see you through your eyes…….it’s too bad that you don’t like what you see…….but that is a sad truth for most of us.

    Great Poem!


    • I wrote this poem from a dream I had. It was a strange dream… and the images were vivid. There was also a bathtub and my daughter… weird. I’m not sure about your comment “it’s too bad that you don’t like what you see”. I didn’t see the dream that way. To me I see ageing, my children and the growing distance between us through age, which has me searching for myself and looking for my babies. Jx


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