Portobello Road and the Earl of Lonsdale 

Finding feeling

My way under


Red Double D’s

Facing forward – heading toward

Portobello Road

Where I think I’ll find a vintage coat?

Navigating steps, a labyrinth of 




                                and food

Except for the rude

Middle eastern Joseph I turned my back on

Walking first left then right

Following the sunshine – the Bello

Hot and cold, on standby

Off with his head!


The woolley cardigan I borrowed

Along with my confusing glasses

The ill-fitting jeans

Crazy, uncomfortable 

Wishing I didn’t have big bloody blisters!

Very far from home; my bed covers pulled

The fan on full

Stumbling into the Earl of Lonsdale 

Pub for a cider

Hiding in a corner ‘snug’ 

Made in the seventeen hundreds and

It seems fitting I would have to bend

Dwarves and buxom barmaids

Tourists  and stranger’s alike

Peer out from under mead

Sly Lord’s eyed

I, need to gather my thoughts

Consider what it would mean to start


© Copyright 2017, Jodine Derena Butler & ‘Poetry Out West’, All Rights Reserved


15 thoughts on “Portobello Road and the Earl of Lonsdale 

  1. Sorry, I’ ve just read it your last post. Yes, he knows me as Juanma. Many people know me as El Santi (for Santiago) as well. I was so much busy these last weeks, it was a pitty not to meet you in Girona. Right now I am texting Felix and I am telling him about you and your poems. I am recommending him to read your blog and contact you by this way. It had been lovely to organize a lecture of your poetry at his pizzeria. Sorry again. Maybe in other moment.

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  2. Wonderful!!. That’ s very nice. Sorry I’ d love to know you but I have to stay in Madrid. But If you can visit Besalú, an ancient and beautiful villa near Girona, I recommend you to have lunch at La roda groga, a small and lovely artisan pizzería where the mánager and the cook is my dear friend Félix, who speaks english so much better than me. He is very friendly and confident with foreign people and he loves recommending places to visit in the Costa Brava, Roses, Cadaqués, The Museum of Dalí. Enjoy the visit and please, come back soon.;-)

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  3. Sure I’ d like to know this special place… Everyone have their favourite location to meet someone, love, hate, lose goods, find something lost and to see people walking through the glass of a window…

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