Anticlimactic Extinction

The iron asteroid hurtled past
space dust, dark energy and
solar wind gamma ray storms.

Tidal waves, anti-cyclones and
harmless sun showers prevent
a near miss tail spin

where nothing can be superficial
except regolith and meteors
disintegrated rock and pock marks.

Lightning scars part urban clouds like Moses and acid rain peels back the layers while our molecules turn to dust.

I snap my fingers and create
a sound wave soul stratosphere
that twists and turns

Leaving plumes of fire works to park
altered realities into multiple dimensions and wag their pointy fingers.

‘Beam us up Scotty’ in the blink of an eye
flashes snuff-out-the-light
only to re-emerge on another planet.

Once and for all eternity
astral traveller’s ride a flash bomb to infinity and beyond my dying plane

most Inter-planetary extraordinary life. Don’t talk to me about life Lester
harping on a song about red dwarfs

Intergalactic space stations
resounding radio frequencies
alien probing my space time continuum.

White noise sends shock waves
that form rings around
any metallic meteors within range

jet propelled into my slip stream
the birth of a wormhole or
black hole; inertia

sucks us all to return again and again
squeezed out and re-moulded
into another doppleganger.

Land and a star is born
supernova core compressed
dark matter gas & fission

fused together parts of the whole
where nothing can be undone
and everything that ever was — is

Chasing after another comet tail
an asteroid on full speed ahead
on a magnetic collision course

forcing fields and gamma rays to
deflect decay once again and
shit storms still rain down

charged isotopes.

© Copyright 2020, Jodine Derena Butler & Poetry Out West. All Rights Reserved