Set It Free

I don’t like endings.

I’d rather switch off
Nod and agree,
Even when it’s bullshit.

I don’t like the drama.

I’m a set-it-free kinda gal—
If it comes back
It was meant to be.

We all have to figure it out for ourselves.

© Copyright 2022, Poetry Out West, Jodine Derena Butler. All rights reserved

2 thoughts on “Endings

  1. Sin embargo, a mí me gustan los finales felices. 🙂 However, I like “happy endings”. ¿Para qué estamos aquí? Para dejarnos ir. What is the reason to be here?. For letting us go. ¿Para amar y ser amados?. Eso es un milagro que ya no se espera. To love and being loved/beloved?. This is just a miracle that is not already expected. Los finales tienen que descubrirse a sí mismos o convertirse en nuevos principios. Endings have to figure out for themselves or to become new beginnings.

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