Holy Pizza

Judas tosses my skin dough


Spread too thin

Wood fire burnt, ends

Encrusted mounds & blisters



Tears another hole &

I become a meal;

A tv dinner deal.

At the last supper, Mary

Sings a hymn &

All the Angel’s


My veil lifted drifts

Chewed fingertips boxed in

Swallowed whole, followed by

An after-dinner mint & toothpick.

But what I really need is a good


© Copyright 2022, Poetry Out West, Jodine Derena Butler. All rights reserved

6 thoughts on “Holy Pizza

  1. Fabulous! I’ ve read your poem loudly, I mean I’ ve spoken /exclaimed your words and it works, but I think I prefer the former last verse, “(…) the good stretch”, because I thought about a stretch hug, a tight hug, pressed embrace, one of those wild hugs from our favourite friends or relatives. Stretch sounds me like estrecho in spanish, but the meaning is different. Aquellos que te abrazan fuerte hasta romperte son los que te aman…

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