Ether Box


My ether box
graunching & grinding through stargates
shudders, misfiring synapses
lurch from push to pull
traversing my self worth,
mitigating losses
tempering gains.
I am giving in,
my self esteem proving much harder
to love and set free.

I’m trying to make peace my lover.
Finding my path with you
is unconventional at best
excruciating at worst,
leaving behind
socially acceptable hopes & dreams
settling in to formalities — contracts
designed to pave the way; a gold lining
to my pewter paradise
on that long road to happiness.
I stare into Aphrodite through my looking glass
& blow her a kiss goodbye.

Skeleton’s eventually decay
but demons still want to purge pain,
set me up to fail
tempt Narcissus to stray,
to step away from his reflection
& risk a coward’s death.
I ask the Goddess for forgiveness
trust my fate & fury
& instinct to guide me.
Psyche would lead me astray
to plummet over the edge
of reason — but Aphrodite will broker a deal.

Start over. My fossil fuelled forge
will always find a way forward,
transform blue light beams
into fire, illuminate those pitchforks
& burning crosses hiding in my ether;
shadows that threaten
to cast spells & incinerate whole galaxies,
merely pseudo reflections
of my reality. I choose you
& take no prisoners at the same time,
for I choose wisely.

There is no burden I cannot bear
when it comes to you,
how you see yourself is a reflection.
We hold our head & hearts
in their hands; their hands
create a destiny for us both.
We are intertwined & enlightened —
a gift from God.
Our souls recognise, accept & understand
there is only now, the past is gone. The future is
whatever we divine.

© Copyright 2021, Poetry Out West, Jodine Derena Butler. All rights reserved

7 thoughts on “Ether Box

  1. Thankyou. For the most part I focus on the spiritual journey. I’m aware but I also use my poetry to process pain and give my demons a voice. They don’t define me. Thankyou beautiful ❤️


  2. Many Thanks. for your trust
    Exhaustion it is a wonderful approach to facts, between different life files, in which we, without exception, every new attempt with magical hope education does not need anyone, for that,
    Treat failure as a stepping stone to success.
    You do not define your mistakes – but your attitude towards them. Instead of getting discouraged from pursuing your dreams, consider every failure as an opportunity, Be sure that your newfound knowledge will help you hit the bull’s eye on your next attempt, Fill your mind with positive thoughts.
    Your mind plays a huge role in your self-image. Keeping negative thinking about your situation and past failures will only make you feel bad – and that will destroy your motivation to pursue your goals. or aggravate, so filter your thoughts and meditate only on what can be encouraging and useful to you. More files I’ll read more of it tomorrow. Everything imaginable, head-high, our lessons, come just ahead of time,

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