Home to Freedom


True companionship
Comes from creating what you want
Creating the environment
Letting each other go
To see if we keep coming back

Home to freedom
Home to peace
Home to love
Home to our selves

Away into chaos
A way into the darkness

To find the light
The joy
The unknown

And live a fulfilling life.

So Tied Up – Cold War Kids & Bishop Briggs

© Copyright 2021, Poetry Out West, Jodine Derena Butler. All rights reserved

9 thoughts on “Home to Freedom

  1. The path to freedom has so many splintering paths, each one a different, sometimes fulfilling, sometimes unexpected and sometimes paved with love and euphoria.

    We tread the path and forge our own existence, experiences forming, nurturing our thoughts and dreams, conquering and aspiring to be whom we are.

    I love your poem my dear, a leap of faith into one’s own reality has its rewards amongst the many obstacles that life’s dice rolls us.

    Keep Safe.

    Andro x

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    • I’m going to create my home environment as a loving extension of myself, make her beautiful and peaceful, for my children and my grandbabies. There is only the present – the past is gone and the future is unknown

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