Killing Heidi

Last night was a true clusterfuck.

This morning, she’s thinking about taking a class


Flashbacks of a child making desperate promises she can’t keep


She learned there was no one who really cared


A victim of conditioned responses or lack thereof killing Heidi off


Inextricably separate, forever grieving the loss of her


When all it takes is to swallow it down whole and roll


Did Heidi know how much it hurt?
© Copyright 2019, Jodine Derena Butler & Poetry Out West. All Rights Reserved


6 thoughts on “Killing Heidi

  1. It was hard to click ‘like’ on this, but not because it wasn’t any good. On the contrary, it’s very well-written, and it cuts to the quick of my soul (as melodramatic as that may sound). It’s so hard to escape these feelings and thoughts, because surely that’s what I want to do, but these have come out of very real and traumatic events and situations that irrevocably leave their scars. Why does it always feel as fresh as the day it first happened? That’s what really rocks me.

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