Cora Pearl & Tinders Meat Market

Tinder dating.

Balancing on that tight rope between modern meat markets, vintage marriage proposals and a continuum of taffeta excuses for those with no idea about couture.

Coffee date number two,

torn between a Trelise Cooper bustle or Collette Dinnigan trousers, opting for mid length K-mart culottes and flat shoes – quite sensible really.

Then he makes a move, casually stroking her genius arm while he takes a business call leaning back on his wing.

It’s an affront to Cora’s touch-starved senses colliding like electrons; Georgette raised speed bumps bristle with expectations.

An awkward moment

decides weather to pirouette or sashay onto the dancefloor with some spurious home truths.

Ta da!

‘I used to be a sex worker’ she crowed, sipping on a nonchalant eyelash latte on the verge of treason ‘and if I decide to go back, you can’t stop me’.


Ms Pearl takes another sip, the onslaught of ignorance threatening to tighten her whale bone corset breath, now held in contempt.

A standing ovation or white knuckled finale taking the bias edge out of contention, taking it all in.

See, she can’t see the point of another round of ruffles and rouge.


Spontaneous attraction hides in the shadows

of a cloak and dagger past life, frightened

by a mere unorthodox interlude.

© Copyright 2019, Jodine Derena Butler & Poetry Out West. All Rights Reserved

3 thoughts on “Cora Pearl & Tinders Meat Market

  1. Decriminalision is the only way forward for sex work. This model is championed by the UN and Human Rights organizations. Criminalising the clients is ridiculous. Sex trafficking already has laws available for perpetrators and is not to be linked to sex worker who choose the profession – as often happens. Religious zealots are everywhere, butting into other people’s business (same as abortion) and they are the worst consumers. I’m happy in my profession. The industry serves me well. It’s my body and I’ll do what the hell I want with it!

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  2. We`ve only changed the disguise and technology, but the meat market is still available for us. (Men, mostly) Sadly or not, women are the main product and the owner of her brand as well, if they are free to choose this way. The bad point is the “trata”, the market of sex slaves who didn´t want this kind of work ever. We Spaniards are the most consumer of prostitution in Europe, because Spain is full of road clubs, with many women from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Colombia, Senegal, Nigeria, etc… But for me is ok, if some women are free to choose sex work by theirselves. Nobody should judge them, and less if the attorney or the priest is the client. Catholics are more tolerant with prostitution than lutherans and puritans. Finally, we are talking about the woman sex freedom to decide what she wants to do with her body. (Being realistic about the sex market as a wild jungle with risks). I think my position is quite neo-liberal and I´d prefer thinking more social-democrat and leftist prohibitionist on this issue, according with a femminist vision : Putting fines to clients as criminals to avoid the sex consum, or permitting a regulated market of free sex workers to avoid the mafias. I don´t have a clear opinion and sorry for this long post.

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