The Bell Jar of Mixed Blessings

If it’s not the bloody buzzing mozzies, it’s a bell jar of mixed blessings and a monologue of nothing but geese!

Voices resounding, reimagining, conjuring up memories about red shoes and dwarves and something out of Aesopica!

This totally ridiculous,

unwanted attention seeking behaviour burns my eyes, while my jaw grinds like carpet burn and my ears ache.

If I have to bite the bullet – I need to do it by 9pm and knock it back with a big shot of poison!

I’m not up for this kind of angst, destined to play and replay on repeat. I already made peace a priority but where is she now?

(Sylvia is waiting in line for electroconvulsive therapy, just to wipe the slate clean; clear the air so-to-speak).

That’s the truth of the matter!

Finding my own voice and lifting the skullcap off Pandora’s Box, just enough to breathe.
© Copyright 2019, Jodine Derena Butler & Poetry Out West. All Rights Reserved

5 thoughts on “The Bell Jar of Mixed Blessings

  1. Cairns is a city in the tropical north, it has far too much of except ordinary personality, lovely and nice and lovely soul, when you ride with your horses on the beach, the sea sings. many thanks to you, German language learning it’s just everything you think. wish you and your lovely Monday !!!!(((*L*))))

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  2. Why thank YOU maestro! I’m in Cairns and about to head in to our perfect weather. Wish I could read German…lol


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