Photographer: Unknown

Keep it simple
It’s I thirst
Not I’m thirsty


I thirst
For simplicity
A life with freedoms
Human rights
Free healthcare
Free education
Freedom of speech
Harming no one
Just to simply be

I thirst
For life

Without complications
Or baggage
No corruption
No crime
No bikie gangs
Threatening to cut
Off hands for
Fifty thousand dollars
And a slice of pie

I thirst
For life

Searching for peace
Raising children
Content in knowing
I helped to create
A future
For generations
Creating stability
Creating trust
Creating an environment
Upon strong foundations
So they can feel safe

I thirst
For a life

Of my own making
Having learned
Comes at a cost
My grandparents waged
Through wars and depression
Strengthened by knocks
Strengthened by hard work
Strengthened by community
No where to be seen
These days

I thirst
For a life

Where I am not afraid
Of living
At peace
With my aching bones
And weathered skin
In the knowledge
I have done my best

And only then
I can take my final breath
I have quenched
My thirst

© Copyright 2016, Jodine Derena Butler. ‘Poetry Out West’, All Rights Reserved


24 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. It’s a simple writing but there is healing, comfort and satisfaction in those words. Thanks sharing.

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      • I think many people know that, but they don’ t care at all. Society is corrupt too. Politicians are a reflection of all us. In Spain many polítical parties, mayors, governors, parlamentaries, etc.., are corrupt but people keeps on voting them. Till the Royal House is plenty of shit. No remedy for us the spaniards. 😉

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          • The wild capitalism killing us and destroying itself. Here, the high unemployment has dropped more than 20%population into the poverty. And European Union, with Germany on the top, has made southern countries like Portugal, Spain and Greece, cut basic services to people. Not only German Government, but the Banks.

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