Too Big for my Shoebox


Photographer: Nicolas Sènègas

this head fuck
of name calling
of twisted tattle tales
designed to enlighten
denial is woe –
fully inadequate
thought – less mistakes



sorry, like an episode
for days our lives
sitcom re – runs running
us around everyday
almost all day
serially on a brim –
full of bullshit
on a 45


as much as to myself
as to arrogence, arrogant
my head is – a
spinning vortex gaining
cyclonic ferocity; something
a – kin to time travel
on fast forward




the same old same old
he said she said
you said I said
till one said too many flew
over the fucking cuckoo
to nest – rest
between my ears – stuffing
my fingers


measuring – spoons
gauging the airs
and graces; my presence
testing the water –
temperature finding
temperament doused
in acidic

just fucking stop it
fucking stop it
stop it



you’re too big
for my shoebox

© Copyright 2015, Jodine Derena Butler & ‘Poetry Out West’.  All Rights Reserved.


6 thoughts on “Too Big for my Shoebox

    • Lol, Are you referring to me as Cinderella? That makes me laugh lol. I’m more like the Fairy Godmother! This poem is about the madness of Christmas and how families turn on each other under their stress. Its total chaos. I watched this drunk family having a go at each other in public yesterday, totally not caring about the fact they were outside a busy mall with hoards of people coming and going through the entrance…fully nasty! Jx


      • Many people in Spain also hates Christmas. Maybe spanish people are more familiar, but discussions are usual on these dates. I know a lot of people who will that Christmas passes by fast, because they remember deceased family relatives or who are far away in other countries, and It´s a very sad time for them. I think is something universal in the western and christian world. And people drinks too much and all the anger contained explodes up. Anyway, sorry for my english and we wish you a merry merry christmas and a good new year´s day (a day before here, he he).
        We overcome Christmas!! 🙂

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    • Thank you. There is something about Christmas that’s drives people temporarily insane. Mad drivers, road rage, people fighting in public not caring how their behavior is affecting bystanders. I can’t wait till everything shuts down! Jx

      Liked by 1 person

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