Imploding Stars


It’s back
I’m shaking like a leaf
More trauma

It’s a normal natural response
So I’m told
Under these circumstances

I see very clearly
We have different strengths
But strengths we do have in abundance

Meeting in the middle
The two of us working together
Dialogue & adult discussion

Trauma is everywhere
Leaching into every cell
All of us – imploding stars


She is such an Angel
Beautiful in all her innocent glory
Loving & gentle

I rock her in my arms
I pat her back in rhythm
She relaxes, falling asleep

She is loved by all of us
To our core, that weeps
In our hearts, that bleed

I pray, pleading for guidance
My faith is in your hands
I am your servant

Love is love
There is no in-between
Just understanding & surrender

© Copyright 2015, Jodine Derena Butler.  All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “Imploding Stars

  1. This is a very sad poem. It’s as much about love as it is about grief. Children are innocent. I deplor contempt for children. Their most important years 0 to 4, 4 to 8. If we don’t get it right first time, they can be scarred for life. I don’t want that on my concients (sp?). I’m lucky. We are very lucky. Both of us have raised children and learned what works and what doesn’t. Children teach us more than we know at the time. Jx


  2. Jodine – words seem so simple yet you are able to harness their power – strength in abundance and no in between.

    Your pen is truly your great friend at this time. Long may it remain so 😄

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