She Sells Sanctuary


Photographer/stylist: Ra Kai

It’s quiet outside.

her ears adjust, vicariously
searching out cracks/
a radar mind

finding edges where paths
begin & end
& life circles.

inside her four walls
escape & sigh breath
carbon dated memory

each time reflected upon
once/ a crudely stirred softly shaken sonic echo

a lawnmower cuts
more than
the grass/

in between two or more spaces
she chooses
to wipe away the years

sealed red letters/
sifted thoughts more like
ocean liners

her past full
of Pomegranate blossom

she sells her sanctuary
in blocks/
cubed quarters

organised delivery
ensures a safe return
of a very sure thing?

but not now
there is nothing left to steal.
she sells her sanctuary

from her living room
& chooses life
letting go


his miniature shoulders
resemble an old man
Led Zeppelin

his sticks are bundled/
all he can see
is the highway

© Copyright 2010 Jodine Derena Butler.  All Rights Reserved

11 thoughts on “She Sells Sanctuary

  1. Dang girl, sure do miss you in Mafia land. Just has not been the same. Took the summer off and worked morning till morning on Honey do list… Came time for Fall reg. on-line and did all BUT the last button. No school in Fall for me. That turned out fine due to putting in a French drain across the whole backyard to drain onto street out front. And be there to take Jo to doctors and hospital so she could get a stint put in her left leg and return good blood flow. Amazing what and how they do now a days. So now, tonight I may 9…8 days to figure all this school stuff out and get those ducks in line. Beside firgure out the new web pages the school has. Ha Ha HA !!!!!!!!!!
    I love it, haven’t been bored you see. Plus I have seen first hand a lot of mistakes made by doctors, nurses, insurance companies, and others unknown to me that could end up killing Jo. I’m for sure going to take what ever job I should get in the medical field to heart and NOT frick up any of my jobs.
    Blah blah blah… How the heck are you ? Where the &^*) are you?
    I’ve seen that old man (many woman as well) in many different countries. most of the time in rags and if they were well of with paper thin flaps for shoes… To watch them for a time is moving.
    Gotta do the school thing. Later Love Jeff


  2. Hiya J. How are finding your new found freedom? I see you have started writing poetry again, which can only be a good thing. Hope the trip to the doc. went okay. Take care. Pen.


  3. It’s still all too soon, but it is like I am being pushed and pulled to be single and together… although, together, has different meanings than I once thought. I am being lead and choosing to lead and neither are satisfying completely. Jx


  4. Not for a long, long time. When I was I was too single…. absolutely wild! The 10 years between my marriages was a dangerous period of my life and I still don’t know how I survived.


  5. Hows Headlines going Jodine you mentioned on facebook that the Herald or something was going to be running an article on Headlines poetry, how did that turn out?
    It’s nice to read some of your poetry, You may be able to connect here at WordPress with some old chums now that we have all moved here. Just go check out my blogroll.


  6. Thank you Chip. I’ve been writing, just not poetry. Life is changing and adjusting. Power bills and phone bills are being transferred… and I have to let him go. It hurts. There are many, but one is standing in the shadows waiting for me to make my move. I don’t know what this looks like anymore. Single? Jx


  7. It’s good to see you posting poetry again, Jodie. I’ve missed this. You never fail to deliver so much to ponder, so much of you in every verse. Well written and much appreciated.


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