Two-tailed Tawse

Your wish is my command:

I will grip
my two-tailed tawse
within an inch of my gloved appendage

& your exposed up-turned posterior

& I will
you into submission
& you will obey

my iron clad mind
will thrash you within
your wildest dreams whetting
only my appetite for your pleasure

& pain

those looks will not go unpunished
you want me to break down your defences?
I will break down your defences

you will not look me in the eyes
you will not touch any part of me
you will not soil in my presence

you will obey my every command

& you will cry like a baby
& beg for my forgiveness when you fail

© Copyright 2010 Jodine Derena Butler.  All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “Two-tailed Tawse

  1. Foolish is he who underestimates your intent my friend.

    So well written, for those who may tempt your arm and appetite beware – the mind behind the wicked gleam in the eyes is strong & true to Herself.


  2. Had to Google tawse but after reading the definition and reading the poem I can’t help it; just imagine me saying “Whip me Mistress, make me behave!” only in Peter Lorre’s voice.

    I know, I know……I’ll just be over there in the corner.


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