6 thoughts on “Moult

  1. yep, every woman knows what it’s like … and we usually do this to draw the line between the past & the present (as if a hair cut can change anything! but it’s one of the very first thing i think about too – when i need to protest, feel different or just move on).
    and … you know this without me, about this your tendency to look back only, right? 🙂 what if we change the angle just a little bit.. and look at the things from the nearest future? when you cut your hair you start something new – not just visually but spiritually as well. and above all that it’s good for hair – regular cutting helps them grow healthy;-)
    take it as a metaphor or as a real thing, everything will be just fine! you can’t change your past but every minute of your future can be changed – you haven’t lived it yet and can paint it in any colours you like.
    you’re so good at sad poetry (and i know – good writing requires inner conflict at least, who needs happy & satisfied poets?) but with all my heart i wish you to choose bright colours for your life painting. you deserve the best!
    hugs, T.


  2. Once, many years ago, I went from very long hair to a pixi cut in one sitting. I did it for the experience. It was incredibly traumatic.


    • I bet! I did something very similar…went from long beautiful hair to jet Black boys cut an inch long, when my step-father died. I was expressing my trauma by doing it. It sure as hell shocked a lot of people and the time it took to grow back correlated with how long it took me to feel OK again. These days, my hair is departing and changing colour and feeling less than young, vibrant and alluring… maybe I have to come to terms with ageing, death and dying. I am in the process of finding out ‘who I am’ or ‘coming back’ in to myself, if that makes sense. Cheers J. Jx


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