Mother Natures Siren Song

a cold front over
night over
cast skies

ushers in
much needed
rain caught breath

Swallow Hollow Road
the Appalachians

where I found
Mother Natures
siren song irresistible


tough Winter months
out of season

make hay
while the sun shines

drought stricken pastures
threaten exposed

stores fall victim
to the March of time

the old farmhouse stands
abandoned; creaks

E-ho-li re-claims
back-broken ground


young people leave
the older folks

green towers
concrete pockets – split


driving down the back roads
his breath is taken

and determination
of early settler caravans

rugged mountain terrain
today, sky city

new calls
of the wild wind
temporarily finding view

voices echo through the trees
whispering memories
lingering in the past

© Copyright 2010 Jodine Derena Butler.  All Rights Reserved

Inspired by the article  The March of Time by Chip ‘Rocketman’ Allen

7 thoughts on “Mother Natures Siren Song

  1. The combination of pic and words works so well together …. you’ve both done a great job here …. I’m almost in tears for those “whispering memories ….” … a definite lump in my throat ….. Thanks ..


    • Thanks Pen. It was actually surprisingly difficult. Not the same process as my own one with my own words. It was a good experiment and I am pleased… I have already edited it though! Lol. It will get edited again before I am truly satisfied. Jx


  2. Well 90% of this poem are your own words Chip. I told you they just needed tweaking. I’m so glad you like it. Unfortunately I have a tendency to edit when the post is published on here…so hold off posting it in its written form on your website for just a little bit. Jx


    • like this one nice pic to remmind of my uncle he worte poems about history and family keep up good work your friend travis


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