Concrete emotions honed
un-toned body making sounds
of pleasure, lost at sea
drowning yet serene

Work, a means to an end
not my un-doing, I choose
this life, chosen now and not before
forceful reminder’s


I know this place, familiar
un-tamed yet calm, numb
yet seductive

© Copyright 2007 Jodine Derena Butler.  All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “Rhiannan

  1. Yes. I was thinking that myself… I will have to think about her some more. She feels a million miles away at the moment…another life, another time. I think you are right though, she needs to tell her story. I have a beginning series on Rhiannan (who was my alter-ego once upon a time) so there will no doubt be more installments. J


  2. Good choice of words and the title just makes you want to look inside the poem.
    I almost wish the poem was longer so we could discover more of this woman.


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