Poetry in Motion

Words meander; lazy ripples through my brain
ekk out stony nooks and crannies
my cerebellum

Grey matter-like pools
stagnant water bursting with leaves
screeds, tangled hanks and loose ends

Thoughts, nothing more
than philosophical bull rushes
that float; ideas
dragonfly or mosquito rendering

Where I hang off your every line
where waterfalls lead me astray

© 2010 Copyright.  Jodine Derena Butler.  All Rights Reserved.

16 thoughts on “Poetry in Motion

  1. Dear Jodine, Poetry is ever in motion as the words communicate from the author to the reader. The image of bull rushes, reeds, or cat tails in the mire reminds me of a time I took a friend to the swamp for a photo shoot. It was early summer and I pulled out a bullrush and sliced a few chunks of the root ate one and handed some to my friend. Wow, was the reply as the reed’s root tasted like heart of palm. As ever be well, Stephen Craig Rowe

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  2. and the river of poetry took her far from the bustling world so no one could call her back… she used rush as an oar and thoughts as a sail and all she saw ahead was that rainbow haze of a waterfall:-))))
    sorry, rambling! but that’s what came to my vision first – Jodine crossing the river of words:-)
    something i love about poetry – no matter what it’s about, it leaves so much to imagination!
    one thing i realised after reading (apart from the fact it’s a good little poem) – I do miss reading for the soul, something that makes me think,daydream a little and after all grow into a person I want to be. A good one:-) work shouldn’t take so much time…same goes for facebook.
    thank you:-)

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