Fire Interrupted


down to zero
SPARKS ignited,
0 up to three
rekindled over lunch
illuminating walk back to
Put internal FIRE out by
pissing into the wind
3 down to two

2 back to three
HOT seat sorted
3 up to nine, oxygenated

bright sparks glowing
9 up to ten
a slow trickle

10 + one and 2 = thirteen

13 up to sixteen

HOT-spots dampened
6 bottles of WATER just in case

1 phone switched on
in case of emergencies
“Two laptops! My Giddy Aunt!”
says Ann

The Chief
crew cut neat


© Copyright 2007,  Jodine Derena Butler.  All Rights Reserved

3 thoughts on “Fire Interrupted

  1. Tried to comment to Squizzie (sp) as it is wonderfully gorgeous powerful piece of writing.

    How wonderful to visit a blog not confounded by service provider.

    Tempting to step out of wordzoo comfort zone.

    Thank you for letting me know where you are.

    Big Smiles


  2. This is a random poem about my classmates filing back into class after a fire drill at Auckland University, returning to discuss the afternoon collection of poetry with Wystan Curnow at Auckland University, 2007. Jx


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