Oil Birds

A Bird is mired in oil…
A Brown Pelican sits in heavy oil…
A Pair of Brown Pelican’s covered in oil…
A Sea Bird soaked in oil…
A Brown Pelican is seen on the beach…
A Bird covered in oil, flails…
A Brown Pelican is mired in heavy oil…
A Brown Pelican covered in oil…

all sit on the beach
at East Grand Terre Island
along the Louisiana Coast
on Thursday, June 3, 2010

© Copyright 2010 Jodine Derena Butler.  All Rights Reserved

Inspired by the photo’s of Charlie Riedel and also by the rescue effort of Bird Rescue in the Louisiana area.

To sign a Greenpeace petition to stop Oil Drilling off the coast of New Zealand click HERE.

18 thoughts on “Oil Birds

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    • Absolutely! Commentators say it will all be cleaned up in 8-9 months! It sounds to me they have an expectation of when they will be able to wipe their hands clean… Jx


  2. Jodine – you have a talent here that I hope you are using to the utmost. God has blessed you with a vision and a way to project it in words! I read several of your poems in several of the categories and they are fantastic. Very emotional. Reaches out to the reader and pulls at the heart strings. I think you are an incredible woman. Many of them brought tears to my eyes. But they are the very truth with which everyone should take note of. Thank you for being!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Joyce. I love writing poetry and literally write something every day! I’m addicted to words! I am just so sad for these birds…and they sit, and they wait… Jx


    • I know! I was looking at the photo’s and watching the posts jotting down my feelings and key words to write a poem and I was in tears. I wasn’t prepared for such a reaction. In the end I couldn’t express what I was feeling using those particular words, so I used the words that were already on the photographs… they tell a whole other story! Waiting…waiting…waiting…while sitting in oil! It’s disgusting. Most will die. Jx


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