I Found My Heart


I found my heart
on the borderline
of too late
just in time;
a fine lined
delicate box
inlaid with
tongue and groove
timber framed
and paper thin –
(such was the state it was in)
I found my heart
shaped box
tucked away
under the debris;
no recognition
of her guild
thick-skin scarred
tiny cracks
intricate and interlaced
weather worn
like washed up
I found my heart
a mantle piece
and set it
alongside a glass
vase filled
with floral Oriental’s
her lip sealed
tightly shut
innocence and sin
full trust
representative of love
anaesthetized by pain
I found my heart
magnified by you
and your telescope
my vision opaque
like liquid amber
in silver teardrop earrings;
in remembrance of
friendships once
lost to train wrecks
a heart shaped
box filled with
precious memories
is where I found my heart
in all her glory –
thinking of you

© Copyright 2009 Jodine Derena Butler.  All Rights Reserved

First Published, Live Lines, volume 4, Anthology, 2011,  ISBN: 11787767, Poetry Live, http://www.poetrylive.co.nz/live-lines.html

7 thoughts on “I Found My Heart

  1. Love the poem! and the format is also very ingenious! my favorite lines from this poem are the first ones: “I found my heart
    on the borderline
    of too late” ^_^


  2. Maybe it’s the pic…that sort of looks like a chocolate box… and then the 3-lines each thing. Nice. I do live in the past though. Not sure about my future I guess, such is the state of my mind (or heart shaped box). I can’t see past the red hue on the horizon most days (another line from another poem). Can you really tell so much about a person from their poetry? Jx


  3. yep, chocolates… agree with Sharilyn, that’s what I thought first too:-)
    and if we use metaphors… I hope you take your heart out of the box of memories and put it back on your sleeve;-)


  4. Yes, I love the layout too, and the repetition of ‘I found my heart’.
    Thanks for info about shifting all of WLS blog over. I will continue doing it bit by bit simply because some of the old blogs are mere daily comments and no relevant to here. Keep writing, Jodine!


  5. I just love this poem and the way it is set out. Criss-cross and up or down. Yu may read this poem any way you want to. Jx


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