Consumation Therapy

voiceless mouths speak in tongues. Holy
communion mass construction.
innocuous enemys lurk
in the shadows.
I call out your name

let the wind carry me away

cavernous cities; hosts
in a concrete spiderweb. flies
and destruction etched. consumed
therapy caught between
justice and morality.

tidal waves of emotion drench me
senseless. geographica, a worldwide
phenomenon. faces with no eyes
I want them to collide.

the other side of us doubles over.
observations. cast the first stone
an eye for an answer,
an ear for a loan.

© Copyright 2009 Jodine Derena Butler.  All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “Consumation Therapy

  1. Jodine…I adore “Consumation Therapy”…..I’m a big fan of waxing poetic and so many of your poems touch me……:):):)


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