The Maiden

Gustav Klimt

Long fingers reach cheeks flushed tender
Tapestried upon lily skin

Butterflies flitter joyfully dancing
Sweet and familiar

A bed of wildflowers cushion dreams
The Maiden surrenders

Gold threads weave jewelled glass beads
Cycles young and old

Deflowered and dying gracefully

© 2007 Jodine Derena Butler.  All Rights Reserved

First published in Sidestream, Issue 9, October 2007 “Poetry From The Fringe”

RE BLOGGED Shadow Dancing with the Mind

4 thoughts on “The Maiden

    • I enjoyed this verse of yours and would like to use it in one of the on line poetry group, where I am hosting at Jingle Poetry … as the theme is “painting whispers” inspired by painting’s and since I am big fan of Gustav Klimt, whose painting ‘The Kiss’ I was lucky enough to see in the Belvedere Museum at Vienna this month, I am able to relate to your verse a lot…

      Please let me know if you would mind if I use it in my post…. where I am putting this up, now as it has to go this night. I am posting with a back link to your this post, it hoping you would not mind and if you do I promise to remove it first thing tomorrow morning….

      Let me know…

      ॐ नमः शिवाय
      Om Namah Shivaya

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